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"Zee" was a human subject and suspected anomalous object who was temporarily bound to SCP-002.


"On 3/1/13, an adolescent human male wearing a mask resembling SCP-1471-A manifested within SCP-002 at Site-██. Identifying only as Zee, the subject brought with him a laptop computer connected to an Internet connection of unknown origin. Attempts to remove Zee proved unsuccessful, each resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Displaying no hostility towards personnel, he was allowed to reside inside SCP-002 until a means of removal was found."

"Zee was withheld for anomalous testing, but he escaped during a containment breach of several Keter-class objects. Footage shows him breaking into SCP-133's containment unit and using them to reach the surface. Zee has yet to be recaptured, and has since been spotted across the globe."

-Dr. ████ ███.


Radio transmission picked up by Site-██. Attempts to pinpoint its source, as well as the voices' owners, were unsuccessful.


Voice 1: You know, I love books. It's a good book. Really good book. Good book. Good book. Really good book. You know, I LOVE BOOKS.

[Brief pause before a different voice speaks.]

Voice 2: Zeeeeeeeee, buddyyyy!