Colonel Walter Amsel
Nickname(s) Walter, Wall-E D'Amsel, Waters D'Amsel
Rank Colonel
Affiliations Template:FlagBundeswehr Bundeswehr (formerly)

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Federation

Status Alive
Birth January 18, 1990 (Age 22)
Weapon USP .45, Hands (used to break the Fourth Wall)

Colonel Walter Amsel is a member of the United Earth Federation. He was part of the German Federal Armed Forces before becoming an officer of the Federation Armed Forces.


  • He is known for breaking the Fourth Wall, as he is played by this user.
    • He likes to break the fourth wall, causing MLP to happen. His methods of breaking the fourth wall is that he breaks said fourth wall with his hands.
  • Walter Amsel is known to be afraid of ghosts such as the Mine Ghost mentioned in the roleplays.