V1 Command are the heads of the Federation, they are a group of 13 individuals who are comprised of people from political, military and scientific backgrounds. The reason for 13 is to prevent a deadlock in voting situations. Who they are have known and their real names are used (in a case of a rogue/traitor O5 joining V1), and they use their designation of V1-X. All members are considered equals but in cases where needed, V1-1 is considered a "First Among Equals".






Misc. Info

Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope


Leader of V1 Command


Expeditionary Admiral

Leader of the UEF.
Vassily Aleksander Petrenko V1-2 Second-in-command of V1 Command Russia2 Admiral of the Military First officer and Assistant commander to Admiral Calliope.
Daladier Gerard Calliope V1-3 Chief Marshal of Federation forces France2 Marshal General Grandfather of Charles, Louise, and Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope
Katie Johnson V1-4 Chief of Federation Space Navy USA2 Lieutenant Admiral Admiral Calliope's second officer and second crush.
Walter Amsel V1-5 Economic advisor to Admiral Calliope. Germany2 Colonel Commander of Federation Music Bands
Heinrich Rudolph Amsel V1-6 Leader of Federation Armies Germany2 Armeesgruppengeneral General of the Federation Army, and the guy who do all the flexes.
Marshall Peter Patton V1-7 Sky Marshal of the Bundesluftwaffe USA2 Luftwaffegeneral Commander of the Federation Air Force.
Paul George Jackson V1-8 Leader of the Federation Naval Force USA2 Grosserflottenadmiral Commander of Naval Aviation and Naval Infantry forces
Dimitri Bodarenko V1-9 Commandant of Federation Marine Infantry Russia2 Marinekorpskommandant Commander of UEF Marine Air-Ground Strike Force
Stukov Petrenko V1-10 Leader of the UEF Science Corps Russia2 UEF Science Corps administrator Administrator of Federation technologies.
James Richardson V1-11 Admiral of the UEFMA and the UEFCMA USA2 Colonial military administrator UEF colonial military administration admiral.
James Lucas V1-12 Leader of the UEF Intelligence Corps USA2 Intelligence officer Informant to Admiral Calliope.
Brights Johnson V1-13 Senior scientist of the UEF Science Corps UK2 Senior researcher Researcher, responsible for the FKE.
Bradley V1-14 Armored Division leader USA2 3-star General Responsible for the Leopard and Crusader tanks.
Griffon V1-15 Air Force officer USA2 3-star General Lieutenant general of UEF Air Force.
Thorn V1-16 Special Forces leader USA2 3-star General Commander of the UEF Special Forces