The following is a transcript of radio traffic between the on-scene commander (Flagship Georgy Zhukov) and subordinate vessel units of Area-07's tactical contact security force designate "Zhukov" during the initial contact with and discovery of SCP-939. The Zhukov Carrier Strice Group was deployed to a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean west of the southern tip of South America on 01/12/2013, following the investigation of the sound, Bloop, and all Factions of Interests being there. Bloop is the name given to an ultra-low-frequency and extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1997.


<Begin transcript>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: All Factions of Interests units, this is Admiral Dimitri Zhukov, commander of the United Earth Federation Navy Ship Georgy Zhukov and her Carrier Strike Group. You all are to withdraw immediately while the Zhukov Carrier Strike Group will begin investigation of unidentified sound Bloop.

SCPS Basisty: Flagship Georgy Zhukov, this is the SCPS Basisty. We are here to stop them from getting into SCP-169. The GOC are with us! Stand down!

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: I see. I want all to withdraw, or else we will open fire. We will not include you and the GOC once we finished them. Zhukov Carrier Strike Group, open fire!

<The Zhukov Carrier Strike Group open fires on the hostile FoI units attempting to enter SCP-169 area. All were destroyed.>

UEFNS Erwin Rommel: Georgy Zhukov, UEFNS Erwin Rommel. All targets destroyed.

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: Good job. Now begin investigating the location of Bloop.

<The Georgy Zhukov Carrier Strike Group ships begins investigating alongside SCPS Basisty and GOCS Destroyer strike groups. An unknown archipelago is seen moving.>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: What the hell is that archipelago doing there? And why is it moving?

GOCS Destroyer: That's SCP-169, also known as "Leviathan". Keter-class SCP. Cannot be contained since it's between 2000 and 8000 km.

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: Da. All units, do not engage it. I repeat: do NOT engage.

<SCP-169 is seen heading towards the ships.>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: All units, this is the Georgy Zhukov! Retreat! I REPEAT: RETREAT!!

<The three naval strike groups begins to escape from SCP-169. All vessels begins to react to SCP-169, which is heading right towards them.>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: I have permission from V1 Command that we are to open fire! V1 is allowing the use of lethal force against that thing!

<All ships, including the SCP Foundation military-grade vessels and the Global Occult Coalition military-grade vessels alongside the Venezuelan Navy, readies their cannons and aims at SCP-169 while escaping.>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: OPEN FIRE!

<All ships begin to open fire on SCP-169. SCP-169 begins to react towards their attacks by just retreating. The sounds of bullets, missiles, and shells were heard hitting SCP-169 as the latter is (0.01% slowly) retreating.>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: Keep on firing until we arrive at Venezuela! I want President Hugo Chavez on the screen!

<A UEFNS Georgy Zhukov midshipman turns on the screen, revealing President Hugo Chavez.>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: Mister President, this is Admiral Dimiri Zhukov of the UEFNS Georgy Zhukov! We got SCP-169 trailing us! Where are the ships?!

President Hugo Chavez: They have arrived in time.

<The Bolivarian Navy of Venezuela came in, firing their turrets, missiles, and cannons at SCP-169, which is (0.27% slowly) retreating. All personnel of the three FoI strike groups begins to celebrate.>

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: Thank you, Mister President, for the help. If it's not for you we should have been dead right now!

President Hugo Chavez: You're welcome, Admiral. It's an honor that Venezuela, being a member of the United Earth Federation, will aid our allies.

UEFNS Georgy Zhukov: You too, Mister President.