The Harmony Warrior Program is the United Earth Federation's development project for the Future Soldier. When the United States Military began its own development, and soon the use of carbon nanotubes, the UEF stepped up development. Currenly, they are unfinished but in progress.

Elements Of Harmony

The ElementsEdit

At the last exhibition the UEF proudly announced that their project would be in correlation to the Elements of Harmony. Each of the Six's personalities will be used as a certain strength in each of the armour and weaponry that will be created. Currently, only the Twilight Sparkle Soldier Program (aka Twilight Land Warrior) has been worked on and is close to completion.

The Twilight Land WarriorEdit

The Twilight Land Warrior will of the most complex of armour and weaponry that will be introduced. All available information on the program is listed below.


The armour used for this program will be titanium alloy, a very lightweight and tough metal used in such works as spacecraft. While not light enough to be used for soldiers focusing on speed, it is light enough so as not to be a liability. The armour will consist of a simple vest very much like the kevlar vest, but with titanium alloy. The helmet will be in the design of the Marine Corps helmet. The colour for the patterns for all armour will be black and blue.


Ion Rifle

The essential Ion Rifle.

Currently, the weapon of choice that was made for this program is the G2000 Ion Rifle, an extremely powerful rifle that penetrates armour and splits ions (hence the name) until the victim is ripped apart. The beam it shoots can penetrate even the thickest of armor. In the consideration of the Twilight Land Warrior Program, it is, like the titanium allow armour, light enough not to be a liability, yet still heavy enough that the user cannot run far or fast.

Applejack Strength ModuleEdit

As of now, the name has been changed. However, it is still under development.