The Battle of Souls
Location ██████, ██
Result Numerous Casualties.
Scp SCP Foundation

Chao The Chaos Insurgency
Serpentshand The Serpent's Hand

Goc Global Occult Coalition
Commanders and leaders
Chao Seadrusamon Biolocken Tironem III (Seadrus Blackout)

Scp Henrikson O'Brien

Serpentshand George Czarevich

Goc ████ █████
Units involved
SCP Foundation Mobile Task Forces
  • MTF-N█-0█
  • MTF-H█-3█

Chaos Insurgency Task Forces

Serpent's Hand Militant Forces

  • S-Columbri
GOC Army
CI: 208 soldiers, 2 vehicles, 4 helicopters.

SCP: 243 operatives, 4 vehicles, 3 helicopters.
Serpent's Hand: 3 operatives, 1 vehicle, 1 helicopter, 1 ████████

GOC: 20,000 estimated operatives, 1,100 estimated vehicles, 2,300 aircraft.
Casualties and losses
CI: 145 soldiers, all machinery destroyed, no wounded.

SCP: 200 operatives, all machinery destroyed, 40 wounded.
Serpent's Hand: 0 Operatives, no machinery destroyed, 1 wounded.

15,000 estimated dead, 2,000 estimated wounded, all machinery destroyed.

A pogrom organized by the GOC to annihilate all of the Chaos Insurgency, SCP Foundation, and the Serpent's Hand. Each group was threatened or decieved into coming, each one not knowing that the other was coming. They fought before knowing the GOC organized the plan, and they attacked the GOC.