Captain Calliope: Vassily, what's going on? Why is Pi-2 readying their weapons?

Lieutenant Vassily: I'm planning a termination mission on SCP-352. That thing's scaring the [EXPLETIVE] out of me!

Captain Calliope: Yeah. I want all Pi-2 military and counter-terrorist strike forces ready with the haz-mats. What are the weapons?

Lieutenant Vassily: We got XM8 rifles, MP5 submachine guns, M240 machine guns, AA-12 auto-shotguns, Barrett .50 Caliber sniper rifles, AT4s, Desert Eagles, G18s, AK-47 rifles, AKS-74U submachine guns, M4A1 carbines, crossbows, and other weapons.

Captain Calliope: Good! We'll destroy that sonuvabitch! Get to it!

Doctor Bright: What? The ultranationalists and the loyalists had planned a termination order on SCP-352.

Doctor Clef: We need to stop them from terminating SCP-352! I want all mobile task forces and task forces to intervene them!

Colonel Hornby: Yes sir.

Captain Calliope: All units, be advised: ready your weapons for pre-caution! We're going to take "Yaba Gaga" down!

The operators stands at SCP-352's containment cell. The soldiers open the cell, causing SCP-352 to attack.

Captain Calliope: OPEN FIRE!!!

All begins to fire at SCP-352, as several guards were engaging SCP-352. SCP-352 was more fast but was tackled when Colonel Drevis hits her with a riot shield, causing all to focus their fire on SCP-352. SCP-352 becomes mutilated by the hail of bullets until SCP-352 stopped moving.

Marine #1: Sir, check on her.

Captain Calliope gets near to it, and sees SCP-352 still moving but shot in the head by Calliope, who uses an AK-47.

Captain Calliope: Burn the body.

They begin to shoot and burn SCP-352 until the formers throws the latter into the incinerator.

Captain Calliope: O5-1, you should know something.

O5-1: Captain Calliope, what did you do?!

Captain Calliope: Consider you and the guys at O5 HQ about SCP-352...........has been terminated.

Colonel Hornby: No....

Captain Calliope: Don't worry, she won't mess with us anymore. This was for her own good.

O5-1: You must be (EXPLITIVE) crazy! I can't believe you terminated SCP-352, but I guess this is for the right, correct?

Captain Calliope: Yeah. But......pizzas on me!

All cheers but destroys SCP-352's body. Then they left for pizzas.