Item #:SCP-9762

Class: Euclid

Clearance Level: Level 4 and above.

Special Containment Procedures Edit

SCP-9762 is to be kept within a large room, with a medium sized model of Site [REDACTED]. It is allowed to roam the facility freely, excluding the Heavy Containment zone. If SCP-9762 becomes hostile, a minimum of one (1) guard is to be dispatched with a small scale EMP emitter. Once SCP-9762 is disabled, it is to be taken back to its chamber and immediately locked down. After four (4) hours, one (1) D-Class personnel is to be sent in to check on its condition.

Description Edit

SCP-9762 is a small, RC model of a Russian Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter. SCP-9762 has been observed to change ro any variant of the Mil Mi-24. It is armed with only the machine gun on the variant it's mimicking, including [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. It cannot change form whilst in an area being monitored. It has been observed to be sentient, being able to solve mathematical equations relating to trajectories and ballistics.  

Anomalous PropertiesEdit

While SCP-9762 functions internally like a normal RChelicopter, it has multiple anomalous properties:

  • Able to change variant of Mil Mi-24 helicopter (excluding unarmed variants)
  • Able to speak, however only to staff of Russian heritage
  • Plastic molded machine gun that fires miniscule bullets. How it fires is unknown, as the barrel of the mold has no holes for the bullets to exit

As of now, these are the only known anomalous properties SCP-9762 contains.