SCP-4009 "SCP Foundation" Edit

Item #: 4009

Object Class: Keter

You Are a fool the boss made his former employee SCP 4000 a Keter and wrongfully deemed SCP 999 a threat if you are reading this cause resistance.

Description Edit

SCP-4009 is a Ruger GP100 revolver, made of an unknown bone-like material that is indestructible by all known means, with a pink, flesh-like handle made to fit in the right hand, that is quite comfortable to the wielder. The round cylinder holds 3 shots, is fixed in place, and has odd sigils carved on its surface, protected by a set of 6 small, symmetrical rib-like structures that surround the cylinder, close enough to protect the sigils, but far enough to let it spin. When held by a civilian without knowledge of how to operate a revolver, it is harmless. When held by a D-Class that has proper revolver training, however, its anomalous properties are activated.

SCP-4009 extends pink, fleshy tendrils from itself, wrapping around the right arm, seemingly rooting into the host's arm. These tendrils drill into the nervous system, reaching up into the brain, taking control and technically killing the host. The tendrils tap into the body's nervous system, moving the body smoothly, almost naturally. The dead host, or SCP-4009-1, will use SCP-4009 to kill anyone it can see or hear by firing at them with SCP-4009, firing fleshy, living "bullets" that causes chronic necrosis at the wound, rapidly dissolving flesh, which is then somehow absorbed by SCP-4009 through a bayonette underneath SCP-4009's barrel, resembling a sharpened ass's jawbone, teeth and all, nourishing SCP-4009 and its host. After the three shots are fired, SCP-4009's sigils glow an ominous green color for 3 seconds.