This is a correspondence of typed emails. concerning SCP-3492
To: ███████@█████
From: ████@█████
Subject: SCP-3492


Item SCP-3492 has been found discarded on a rock. Attempt of recovery results in the application of SCP-3492's effect, creating several instances of SCP-3492-2. MTF-[DATA REMOVED] went in to investigate, but all have died by an individual who calls himself Seadrus. It has been shown that Seadrus has infiltrated numerous SCP Facilities and have killed many. It is advised to LET HIM GO.


To: ████@█████
From: ███████@█████
Subject: RE: SCP-3492

Dr. [EXPUNGED], I am fully aware of his abilities. I will retire the facility and let Seadrus escape with the entity. We have exhausted its purposes anyways. Don't let that man leave without some... Injuries. -- 05-██

To: ███████@█████
From: ████@█████
Subject: RE: RE: SCP-3492

05-██, I am dying. Please memorize the following message and destroy me.
Seadrus and the Insurgency a/////////////////////////////////////
ERROR ERROR DATA CORRUPT/////////////////////////////////////////
He has SCP-//////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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