Hand mech

SCP-3492, found in its containment chamber. Photo courtesy of Agent Seadrus Blackout

Item #: SCP-3492

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3492 is to be contained in a 1 x 1 x 1 meter secure holding cell. The cell is to be guarded by at least 5 guards 24/7.


    SCP-3492-1 is a necklace that measures 50 centimeters (string) in length. The gear on the string of SCP-3492-1 measures 10 centimeters in diameter. When the necklace is worn, the user will feel as if they had a large cup of water. The user will continue to wear the necklace as long as they feel the sensation. If the user consumes water, the user will feel a new sensation in which they will feel as if they just had a good meal. When the user consumes food, the will lose all feeling altogether, except for pain, sadness, worthlessness, and other ill effects.

    After the effect described above, the gear will detach from the hand and the hand will reach out and grab the user by the neck. The pendant will emit the words "get comfortable" in a deep, masculine tone, and the user will sit down. SCP-3492-1 will then slowly start to sink into the subject (now designated as SCP-3492-2). SCP-3492-2 will then continue exhibit normal behavior 10 minutes after SCP-3492 sank into SCP-3492-2. After another 10 minutes, SCP-3492-2 will start to act obedient and will sway towards all commands given to it. SCP-3492-2 will die within a range of 1 day to 1 week. When SCP-3492-2 is dead, SCP-3492 will surface, with the gear attached to it.

Note: This item was stolen by The Chaos Insurgency by Agent Seadrus Blackout. It is no longer in the Foundation’s hands. SCP-3492's 'recovery log' can be read here.

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