Philip Johnson is one of the member's of the foundation's directive board (O5-7), he's the son of the O5-1 and also leader of Unit-8.

He's a caucasian, 35 year old male.


Philip is one of the directives of the SCP Foundation, he's a member of the O5 Council.


Philip Johnson

He is actually the successor of the O5-1, after his death, Philip gained a seat at the council as O5-6 for about 10 years now, even though he's a O5, he forms part of a MTF Unit.

One day, the main SCP Foundation's building shut down, during that, Philip was captured by the Chaos Insurgency in alliance with the Serpent's Eye, he made his way of their headquarters and escaped, then regained control over his Unit, renamed now as the Unit-8.

Right now Philip forms part of the excavation and defense team, he supervises and at the same time protects any search for new SCP's or transport of thee.

Unit-8 and armoryEdit

Unit-8 was founded after the X23 Security Breach to avoid any contact from the outside world or enemy organizations with any foundation-guarded SCPs, however, Unit-8 also supports excavations and researchs locations, defending them from surprise attacks or other hazards.

Unit-8 was originally founded by as a division from the security team, however, due to the potential of its members, Unit-8 was declared as an elite unit, then it was assigned to the lead of O5-7.

Civil Protection (Half-Life)

Defense Suit

Even though this is an elite unit, they count with limited, non-overpowered arsenal and defense clothing, the Elite Suit it's a white, defense clothing that counts with bullet proof kevlar vests and thermal eyesight helmet, it has a belt with pockets to store weapons and tools such as the radio and GPS. As there are only 2 suits, the second was is called the Defense Suit which is the one that is generally used, it is the standard clothing for Unit-8, in difference with the Elite Suit, this suit is rather comfortable and easier to use while running or high temperatures, this suit also counts with a bullet proof kevlar vest, but the armory is kept in pockets hidden in the suit, it has a normal protection hat and a pocket for the radio, this one however, also comes with a black coat.

Unit 8's arsenal is a tactical shotgun, 5 granades and a M4A. The tactital shotgun is one of the most used weapons on Unit-8 as it provides efficient shots to make the target inmobile. It is also Johnson's favorite.