The PI-6 is a rogue Mobile Task Force faction that was created by its senior officer, Commander James [REDACTED]. It's primary motive is to ensure that most personnel, after a breach of containment at the SCP Foundation, are rescued and given a sedative or amnesiac to remove their memory of the facility, instead of the usual termination procedure. The PI-6 find this a much better way to deal with personnel who have escaped, rather than the eventual hunting down, and terminating of said personnel.


The PI-6's unofficial motto represents the general scheme of the faction. The organization is largely focused on the rescue and release of SCP Foundation employees who have been scheduled for termination or otherwise 'suicidal' testing. 

The affor mentioned motto of the PI-6 is, -Fighting for the Rights of Others.


The PI-6, as stated above, are a rogue Mobile Task Force (or MTF for short) created by Commander James [REDACTED], after stating that, "the Foundation's techniques of removing problems are too inhumane for my tastes". He created the organization after a large clash with an operative from the Chaos Insurgency who was sent to terminate him for supposed 'betrayal'. After the conflict ended and the operative had told him several facts about why he had tried to terminate him, he went through a long phase of contemplation, and eventually decided to defect from Nine Tailed Fox and create the faction 'PI-6', and help the D-Class instead of instantaneously killing them.


The logo of the PI-6 is also unofficial, and can, and WILL be replaced at some point in time. The Commander is
MTF Faction PI-6

The PI-6's personal, yet unofficial logo.

taking suggestions and if it meets his specifications, may well be used. He is planning for it to include some sort of representation of the motto, and the phrase "MTF PI-6" included somewhere on the logo, though preferably at the top or bottom.