This log is not a continuation of 'Log: Seadrus Blackout - This is a separate log about The Chaos Insurgency

Seadrus: 'Twenty-two-Hundred hours... All is clear. Come in, 3092-4.

3092-4: I read you, 6930-E. Twenty-two-Hundred hours, three minutes. Strange lights above Armory-Ae. Waiting for orders, C-SEI-3.

C-SEI-3: Twenty-two-Hundred hours, five minutes. Send in units 490Z-2 through 491B-4 to investigate.

3092-4: Twenty-two-Hundred hours, ten minutes. Units 490Z-2 through 491B-4 have been sent in to investigate.

3092-4: Twenty-two-Hundred hours, forty-five minutes. Units 490Z-4 through 491A-23 have been lost due to unknown causes. Waiting for your orders, C-SEI-3.

3092-4: Twenty-two-Hundred hoursC-SEI-3 is not responding. Waiting for your command, 6930-E.

Seadrus: Being the armor chief, I will go in and investigate. Twenty-three-Hundred hours.

Seadrus: 3092-4 - I need back up. Zero hours.

3092-4: Screw the time system. Half hour increments. What seems to be the problem?

Seadrus: Let's be frank, Jenson. There are instances of 008.

3092-4 (Jenson): 008? As in, SCP-008?

Seadrus: Either that, or 049-2.

Jenson: What could I do?

Seadrus: You could get that field promotion you wanted...

Jenson: But I-

Seadrus: Good. Go and get some high-auxilary weaponry. NOW.

Jenson: Yes, sir.

Seadrus: One-hundred hours. Oh! You're here!

Jenson: Yeah... This what you wanted?

Seadrus: I guess that'll do.

Jenson: You getting this recording?

Seadrus: Recording and sending data back to base.

Jenson: *a whistle is audible* Whered'ya get that type of technology?

Seadrus: GOC.

Jenson: GOC?

Seadrus: Not on tape. Not for the lower levels.

Jenson: Ah... Where are the- OH... MY... God.

Seadrus: What? 008 got your tounge?

Jenson: Sort of... *a click is audible, and then a large explosion, along with a clap of hands [presumably a 'hi-five']*

Seadrus: You got this. Let's get off the record. Probaly nothing else important, eh? *another click is audible, and tape is stopped.*

Mission ReportEdit

Mission appears to be fruitless. Three team members lost, one of those... Things are currently under containment until further notice. Other than that, nothing happened. GOC is the Global Operations Center, nothing else.