Here is a list of personnel during the Space Race that can be found.

Space Race personnelEdit

United Earth FederationEdit

SCP FoundationEdit

  • Scp Doctor Jake Bright
  • ScpTask Force commanders
  • Scp Mobile Task Force commanders

Office for the Reclamation of Islamic ArtifactsEdit

Global Occult CoalitionEdit

  • Goc Unknown GOC director
  • Goc Unknown GOC commanders

United Statees of AmericaEdit

  • USAResized President of America
  • USAResized Vice President of America
  • USAResized Secretary of Defense of America

Russian FederationEdit

  • Russia President of Russia
  • Russia Prime Minister of Russia


  • The Overseer

Bio IntEdit

  • Unknown Bio Int CEO
  • Unknown Bio Int Commanders

North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationEdit

Collective Security Treaty OrganizationEdit

European UnionEdit