Here is a list of United Earth Federation Armed Forces units that were formed after its creation. The first two military units is the Panzer Lehr Division and the Kampfgruppe Lehr Division. All units are based on and from here.

Name elements usually not translatedEdit


A traditional term for heavy infantry.


A traditional term for light infantry (Translated "Hunter").


Traditional term for mountain and ski troops.


A demonstration/training unit (Translated "Teach").


"Number" (See description in Infantry Series Divisions, below).


Armored (Translated "Armored").


"Storm" or "Assault" (Translated "Storm").


"of the People" (Translated "People's").


Abbreviation for "zur besonderen Verwendung" Meaning "Special Purpose" (Translated "For Special Employment").

Volks, Sturm, and Grenadier were sometimes used simply as morale-building adjectives, often without any significance to a unit's organization or capabilities.

UEF ArmyEdit

Panzer DivisionEdit

​See: Panzer Division

Numbererd Panzer DivisionsEdit

  • 1st Panzer Division
  • 2nd Panzer Division
  • 3rd Panzer Division
  • 4th Panzer Division
  • 5th Panzer Division
  • 6th Panzer Division
  • 7th Panzer Division
  • 8th Panzer Division
  • 9th Panzer Division
  • 10th Panzer Division
  • 11th Panzer Division
  • 12th Panzer Division
  • 13th Panzer Division
  • 14th Panzer Division
  • 15th Panzer Division
  • 16th Panzer Division
  • 17th Panzer Division
  • 18th Panzer Division
  • 19th Panzer Division
  • 20th Panzer Division
  • 21st Panzer Division
  • 22nd Panzer Division
  • 23rd Panzer Division
  • 24th Panzer Division
  • 25th Panzer Division
  • 26th Panzer Division
  • 27th Panzer Division
  • 116th Panzer Division Jerusalem
  • 155th Reserve Panzer Division
  • Panzer Divison Nr. 178
  • 179th Reserve Panzer Division

Named Panzer DivisionEdit

  • Panzer Division Claus von Stauffenberg
  • Panzer Division Defender 1
  • Panzer Division Defender 2
  • Panzer Division Hugo Chavez (located in Caracas, Venezuela)
  • Panzer Division George Washington
  • Panzer Division Georgy Zhukov
  • Panzer Division Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Panzer Division Daladier Gerard Calliope
  • Panzer Division Joseph Stalin
  • Panzer Division Winston Churchill
  • Panzer Division Erwin Rommel

Light DivisionsEdit

The designation "Light" (leichte) had various meanings in the UEF Army. There was a series of 5 Light divisions; the first four were pre-creation mechanized formations organized for use as mechanized cavalry, and the fifth was an ad hoc collection of mechanized elements rushed to Africa to bail the Arabs out and organized into a division once there. All five were eventually converted to ordinary Panzer divisions.

  • 1st Light Division
  • 2nd Light Division
  • 3rd Light Division
  • 4th Light Diviison
  • 5th Light Division

Infantry series divisionsEdit

Types of division in the seriesEdit

The backbone of the Wehrmacht Heer (Germany's Army) was the infantry division. Of the 154 divisions deployed against Soviet Union in 1941, including reserves, there were 100 infantry, 19 panzer (tank), 11 motorised, 9 security, 5 Waffen-SS, 4 "light", 4 mountain, 1 SS police, and 1 cavalry. A typical infantry division in June 1941 had 17,734 men organized into the following sub-units:

  • three infantry regiments with staff, communications units
    • three battalions with:
      • three Infantry companies
      • one heavy weapons company
    • one PAK company (mot.)
    • one artillery company
    • one reconnaissance unit
  • one Panzerjager battalion with:
    • three companies (each with twelve 3.7 cm guns)
  • one artillery regiment
    • three battalions
      • three batteries
  • one pioneer battalion
  • one communications unit
  • one field replacement battalion
  • Supply, medical, veterinary, mail, and police

German infantry divisions had a variety of designations and specializations, though numbered in a single series. The major variations are as follows: Fortress (Festung)

Divisions of non-standard organization used to garrison critical sites. The smaller ones might consist of only two or three battalions.


A morale-building honorific usually indicative of reduced strength when used alone.

Light, Jäger

Provided with partial horse or motor transport and usually lighter artillery, and reduced in size compared to an ordinary infantry division. Some of these were essentially identical to mountain divisions, and these were referred to as Gebirgsjäger ("Mountain Light Infantry") divisions.
  • This description does not apply to the Light divisions in Africa (5th, 90th, 164th, 999th), nor to the five Light mechanized divisions listed in their own subsection.


Provided with full motor transport for all infantry and weapons systems. Usually reduced in size compared to an ordinary infantry division. Motorized infantry divisions were renamed Panzergrenadier (armored infantry) divisions in 1943.

Division Nummer

A sort of placeholder division, with a number (Nummer) and staff but few if any combat assets. These divisions started out without any type in their name (e.g., Division Nr. 179), though some acquired a type later on (e.g., Panzer Division Nr. 179).

Panzergrenadier As motorized, but with more self-propelled weapons and an added battalion of tanks or fully armored assault guns. What motorized divisions were referred to from 1943 forward.

Static (bodenständige)

Deficient in transport, even enough to move its own artillery. Many of these were divisions that had been mauled on the Russian Front and were sent west to serve as coastal defense garrisons until sufficient resources were available to rehabilitate them.


A late-war reorganization with reduced size and increased short-range firepower. Many previously destroyed or badly mauled infantry divisions were reconstituted as Volksgrenadier divisions, and new ones were raised as well. Their fighting worth varied widely depending on unit experience and equipment. Not to be confused with Volkssturm a national militia in which units were supposed to be organized by local Nazi party leaders; trained by the SS; and come under Wehrmacht command in combat.


("zbV" is an abbreviation meaning "for special employment") An ad hoc division created to meet a special requirement. (E.g., Division zbV Afrika)

Most of the size reductions listed above were by about a third, either by the removal of an infantry regiment or the removal of one infantry battalion from each of the three regiments.

Infantry divisions were raised in waves, sets of divisions with a standardized table of organization and equipment. In general the later waves (i.e., the higher-numbered divisions) were of lower quality than the earlier ones.

Numbered divisionsEdit

1st to 99thEdit
  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 2nd Motorized Infantry Division
  • 3rd Motorized Infantry Division
  • 4th Infantry Division
  • 5th Infantry Division
    • Not related to the 5th Light Division.
  • 6th Infantry Division (later 6th Grenadier Division, 6th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 7th Infantry Division
  • 8th Infantry Division (later 8th Light Infantry Division, 8th Jäger Division)
  • 9th Infantry Division (later 9th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 10th Infantry Division (later 10th Motorized Infantry Division, 10th Panzergrenadier Division)
  • 11th Infantry Division
  • 12th Infantry Division (later 12th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 13th Motorized Infantry Division (later 13th Panzer Division, Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2)
  • 14th Infantry Division (later 14th Motorized Infantry Division, then 14th Infantry Division again)
  • 14th Luftwaffe Infantry Division
    • This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 14th Luftwaffe Field Division.
  • 15th Infantry Division
  • 15th Panzergrenadier Division (previously 33rd Infantry Division, 15th Panzer Division)
    • Not related to 15th Infantry Division.
  • 16th Infantry Division (later split into –)
    • 16th Panzer Division, and
    • 16th Motorized Infantry Division (later 16th Panzergrenadier Division, 116th Panzer Division)
  • 16th Luftwaffe Infantry Division (later 16th Volksgrenadier Division)
    • This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 16th Luftwaffe Field Division.
  • 17th Infantry Division
  • 18th Infantry Division (later 18th Motorised Infantry Division, 18th Panzergrenadier Division)
  • 18th Volksgrenadier Division
    • Not related to the 18th Infantry Division.
  • 19th Infantry Division (later 19th Panzer Division)
  • 19th Grenadier Division (later 19th Volksgrenadier Division)
    • This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 19th Luftwaffe Field Division (later 19th Luftwaffe Sturm Division)
  • 20th Motorized Infantry Division (later 20th Panzergrenadier Division)
  • 21st Infantry Division
  • 22nd Infantry Division (later 22nd Air Landing Division, 22nd Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 23rd Infantry Division (later 26th Panzer Division)
    • After being reorganized as the 26th Panzer Division, some of the 23rd Infantry Division's original components were used to create a new 23rd Infantry Division.
  • 24th Infantry Division
  • 25th Infantry Division (later 25th Motorized Infantry Division, 25th Panzergrenadier Division)
  • 26th Infantry Division (later 26th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 27th Infantry Division (later 17th Panzer Division)
  • 28th Light Infantry Division (later 28th Jäger Division)
  • 29th Motorized Infantry Division (later 29th Panzergrenadier Division)
  • 30th Infantry Division
  • 31st Infantry Division (later 31st Grenadier Division, 31st Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 32nd Infantry Division
  • 33rd Infantry Division (later 15th Panzer Division, 15th Panzergrenadier Division)
  • 34th Infantry Division
  • 35th Infantry Division (later 35th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 36th Infantry Division (later 36th Motorized Infantry Division, then 36th Infantry Division again, 36th Grenadier Division, and finally 36th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 38th Infantry Division
  • 39th Infantry Division (later 41st Fortress Division, 41st Infantry Division)
  • 41st Infantry Division (previously 39th Infantry Division, 41st Fortress Division)
  • 42nd Jäger Division (previously 187th Reserve Division)
  • 44th Infantry Division (later 44th Reichsgrenadier Division Hoch und Deutschmeister)
  • 45th Infantry Division (later 45th Grenadier Division, 45th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 46th Infantry Division
  • 47th Infantry Division (previously Division Nr. 156, 156th Reserve Division; later *47th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 48th Infantry Division (later 48th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 49th Infantry Division
  • 50th Infantry Division
  • 52nd Infantry Division (later 52nd Field Training Division, 52nd Security Division)
  • 56th Infantry Division
  • 57th Infantry Division
  • 58th Infantry Division
  • 59th Infantry Division
  • 60th Infantry Division (later 60th Motorized Infantry Division, Panzergrenadier Division Feldherrnhalle, and Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 1)
  • 61st Infantry Division (later 61st Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 62nd Infantry Division (later 62nd Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 64th Infantry Division
  • 65th Infantry Division
  • 68th Infantry Division
  • 69th Infantry Division
  • 70th Static Infantry Division
  • 71st Infantry Division
  • 72nd Infantry Division
  • 73rd Infantry Division
  • 75th Infantry Division
  • 76th Infantry Division
  • 77th Infantry Division
  • 78th Infantry Division (later 78th Sturm Division, 78th Grenadier Division, 78th Volksgrenadier Division, and finally 78 Volks-Sturm Division)
  • 79th Infantry Division (later 79th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 80th Infantry Division
  • 81st Infantry Division
  • 82nd Infantry Division
  • 83rd Infantry Division
  • 84th Infantry Division
  • 85th Infantry Division
  • 86th Infantry Division
  • 87th Infantry Division
  • 88th Infantry Division
  • 89th Infantry Division
  • 90th Light Infantry Division (previously the Division zbV Afrika; later 90th Light Afrika Division, 90th Panzergrenadier Division)
  • 91st Infantry Division (later 91st Air Landing Division)
  • 92nd Infantry Division
  • 93rd Infantry Division
  • 94th Infantry Division
  • 95th Infantry Division (later 95th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 96th Infantry Division
  • 97th Light Infantry Division (later 97th Jäger Division)
  • 98th Infantry Division
  • 99th Light Infantry Division (later 7th Mountain Division)
100th to 199thEdit
  • 100th Light Infantry Division (later 100th Jäger Division)
  • 101st Light Infantry Division (later 101st Jäger Division)
  • 102nd Infantry Division
  • 104th Jäger Division
  • 106th Infantry Division
  • 110th Infantry Division
  • 114th Jäger Division
  • 117th Jäger Division
  • 118th Jäger Division (previously 718th Infantry Division)
  • 121st Infantry Division
  • 122nd Infantry Division
  • 126th Infantry Division
  • 133rd Fortress Division
  • Division zbV 136
  • Division zbV 140 (also 9th Mountain Division)
  • 141st Reserve Division
  • 143rd Reserve Division
  • 147th Reserve Division
  • 148th Reserve Division redesignated 148th Infantry Division in September 1944
  • 149th Field Training Division
  • 150th Field Training Division
  • Division Nr. 151 (later 151st Reserve Division)
  • Division Nr. 152
  • Division Nr. 153 (later 153rd Reserve Division, 153rd Field Training Division, 153rd Grenadier Division)
  • Division Nr. 154 (later 154th Reserve Division, 154th Field Training Division, 154th Infantry Division)
  • Division Nr. 155 (later Division Nr. 155 (mot.), Panzer Division Nr. 155, 155th Reserve Panzer Division)
  • 155th Field Training Division (later 155th Infantry Division)
    • Not related to Division Nr. 155.
  • Division Nr. 156 (later 156th Reserve Division, 47th Infantry Division, 47th Volksgrenadier Division)
  • 156th Field Replacement Division (later 156th Infantry Division)
  • Division Nr. 157 (later 157th Reserve Division, 157th Mountain Division, 8th Mountain Division)
  • Division Nr. 158 (later 158th Reserve Division)
  • 158th Infantry Division
    • Not related to Division Nr. 158.
  • Division Nr. 159 (later 159th Reserve Division, 159th Infantry Division)
  • Division Nr. 160 (later 160th Reserve Division, 160th Infantry Division)
  • 162nd Infantry Division (later 162nd Turkoman Division, with foreign troops)
  • 163rd Infantry Division
  • 164th Infantry Division (later Fortress Division Kreta, which split into –)
    • Fortress Brigade Delta
    • 164th Light Africa Division
  • 165th Reserve Division
  • 166th Reserve Division
  • 167th Volksgrenadier Division
  • 169th Infantry Division
  • 170th Infantry Division
  • 171st Reserve Division
  • 172nd Reserve Division
  • 173rd Reserve Division
  • 174th Reserve Division
  • 176th Infantry Division
  • 181st Infantry Division
  • 182nd Reserve Division
  • 183rd Volksgrenadier Division
  • 187th Reserve Division (later 42nd Jäger Division)
  • Division Nr. 188 (later 188th Reserve Mountain Division, 188th Mountain Division)
  • 189th Reserve Division (later 189th Infantry Division)
  • 191st Reserve Division
  • 196th Infantry Division
  • 197th Infantry Division
  • 198th Infantry Division
  • 199th Infantry Division
201st to 999thEdit

Named divisionsEdit

Mountain divisionsEdit

Ski divisionsEdit

  • 1st Sky Division

Cavalry divisionsEdit

Landwehr divisionsEdit

Artillery divisionsEdit

Named fortress divisionsEdit

Named training divisionsEdit

Field replacement divisionsEdit

Navy "Marine"Edit

Naval infantry divisionsEdit

Naval aviation divisionsEdit

  • 1st Naval Aviation Division
  • 2nd Naval Aviation Division
  • 3rd Naval Aviation Division
  • 4th Naval Aviation Division
  • 5th Naval Aviation Division
  • 6th Naval Aviation Division

Air Force "Luftwaffe"Edit

Airborne divisionsEdit

Field divisionsEdit

Training divisionsEdit

  • 1st Luftwaffe Training Division
  • Parachute Training and Replacement Division

Anti-Aircraft divisionsEdit

UEF Marine CorpsEdit

The UEF Marine Corps only has one MAGTF.