[Access to file IR-26567274-AAC-A01 granted]

This file is attached to the file regarding the containment breach caused by several instances of SCP-718 on [EXPUNGED] at Site-[EXPUNGED]. FILE ACCESS LIMITED TO EYES OF LEVEL 4 PERSONNEL AND UP.

The corpse of subject Assistant Z was found inside Site Archives Storage by Task Force Delta-667. Cause of death is unknown, however a material similar in composition to the substance excreted by item [EXPUNGED] was found in subject's blood stream and bladder. Further analysis of substance is ongoing.

Upon initial discovery, a USB flash drive was found plugged into a terminal next to Assistant Z's corpse. Information on the terminal screen next to the drive along with files present on it suggest that Assistant Z was attempting to gather information regarding multiple SCP objects stationed within Site-[EXPUNGED]. At the time of writing, it is unknown how subject was able to access the Site terminal and collect this information. Reasons for collection of data at this time is also unknown.

A number of personnel within the Site reported that weeks prior to the breach, subject began to act nervous and began spending more time at Site Archives during free time and maintenance duty. Subject was also reported to have received his USB drive from Dr. Wolf four days before the breach. Dr. Wolf is currently under level 3 overwatch in response to suspicions of having third party connections.

Addendum A: "I don't care about what they found in his blood stream, I want to know how the hell he managed to hack the archive terminal and why he downloaded those files! Send me a record of all activity recorded by the server during the breach and search all of his belongings for anomalies ASAP!" -Dr. Alburn.