Henrikson O'Brien
The only known photograph of Henrikson O'Brien

Nickname(s) The Son of Brien
Rank SCP Retriever
Affiliations Scp The SCP Foundation
Nationality USAResized The United States
Status Alive
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Race Caucasian
Weapon Any long pole will do.
Equipment Anything


Mobile Task Force "They Watch"

Henrikson O'Brien is an operative that originally worked for the Global Occult Coalition, but left after various threats from The Chaos Insurgency and The Serpent's Hand. He left for the only other choice: The foundation.

By the time he had been in the Foundation for six months, he had already conversed with them and given them several important documents, such as the L.S's true identity, several identities of Chaos Insurgency Members, and ‘Operation Great,’ an unknown hit-and-run operation by the GOC.


Don't text while driving. Or else.