Destruction of the Children of the Scarlet King
Location ██████████, ██
Result Destruction of the CSK
  • Destruction of the Children of the Scarlet King
    • All women released
    • Death of the Scarlet King
Eastern Sovereign Faction

Assisted by:

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Federation (post-Destruction)

Template:FlagCSK Children of the Scarlet King
Commanders and leaders
Unidentified leader of the CSK's destruction Template:FlagCSK The Scarlet King
Units involved
Unidentified joint Marine-Wizard forces

Unidentified Waffen-SS panzergrenadier division

Servants and Enforcers of the CSK
40,000 778,900
Casualties and losses
128 wounded

12 vehicles hijacked, later recovered


The Scarlet King
All women within the CSK rescued

The Destruction of the Children of the Scarlet King was a penultimate event which leads to the downfall of the CSK and the demise of the Scarlet King, who was later executed. It was unknown who caused its destruction, but evidence revealed that the name ATLAS, referring to an unknown but large group, was responsible for the CSK's destruction. Other evidences show that DEM Industries and Ratatoskr were responsible for this - recognizable by the unit insignia which had the logos of Ratatoskr, DEM Industries, and ATLAS joint together- which the two factions (deceivingly) denied. This is the first time the Children of the Scarlet King was destroyed by an unknown but large militant humanist group supported by two factions.

Two weeks later, it was later revealed that the militant humanist group, Atlas, was responsible for the Children of the Scarlet King's destruction although it did not mentioned DEM Industries and Ratatoskr being participants of the destruction.