DSS Evening Twilight incident
Location Spratly Islands dispute
Template:FlagPRC People's Republic of China Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Federation
Commanders and leaders
Commander of PLA forces at the Spratly Islands dispute DSS Evening Twilight commander
Units involved
People's Liberation Army UEF Armed Forces
  • UEF Navy
    • UEF 1st Fleet
      • DSS Evening Twilight
Casualties and losses
None DSS Evening Twilight damaged
The DSS Evening Twilight, mistaken for any foreign naval vessel by the PLA, only passes by to investigate Chaos Insurgency vessel, only for the ship to be be damaged by PLA Naval Forces
The DSS Evening Twilight incident is one of the incidents involving a neutral UEF naval battleship and an intensive PLA Naval forces. The attack on the DSS Evening Twilight (H44-class battleship) only causes it to be damaged, but can move with his own power.


The DSS Evening Twilight, a nuclear-powered H44-class battleship, arrives at 09:12 AM during its pursuit of Chaos Insurgency forces. The PLA Navy, mistook the vessel for any foreign military vessel, attacked it. However, they are unaware that they are attacking a neutral vessel. The Evening Twilight contacts High Command that it was being attacked by PLA Navy forces.

High Command's response for DSS Evening Twilight is to pull back. The Evening Twilight complies as two King Raptors took out the Chaos Insurgency ship. Several nations accused the UEF of attacking a civilian ship, with the PLA Navy investigating the ship, only to realize the two King Raptors have taken out a terrorist ship.


The attack on the DSS Evening Twilight only sparked controversy that the UEF accused the PRC of attacking its vessel pursuing Insurgency forces. The UEF has ordered that China are to remove its new military garrison from the Spratly Islands dispute.

China responded by saying that they are building it and also says that they are not harrassing the few nations, which only infuriated the UEF. The UEF responded by sending a large invasion force to the Chinese-occupied Spratly Islands portion after the Republic of Morac-Songhrati-Meads government-in-exile has informed them of these nations occupying their once beloved country, but the UEF corrected them by saying that the United States of America, alongside Canada and Australia did not do any aggressive actions.