Here are a list of the contestants of the 21st century 2013-2019 Space Race. The list of competitors uses different technology as the UEF uses what that resembles the HOME Start Kit, a mod for Kerbal Space Program.


Nations/Organizations Projects
Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Federation The United Earth Federation, alongside the UEF Space Agency and the UEF Armed Forces, has been using technology that resembles the HOME Start Kit. The UEF credits it to the owner. The UEFSA calls the project Codename Deep Black Space.
Scp SCP Foundation The SCP Foundation project was called the Space Control Prototype, which will be used for the storing of more SCPs in space such as planetary stations and space stations.
Template:FlagORIA Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts The ORIA project was called the ORIA Space Operation.
Goc Global Occult Coalition The GOC has proposed a project for the construction of space stations and moon stations.
USAResized United States of America The USA has created a project known as the Apollo Delta, which uses similar technologies back in the 20th Space Race.
Russia Russian Federation The Russian Federation re-projects the Mir project.
MBORF This scientific/military organization organized a project to send a big space station. However, this organization was known for the production of advanced weapons along with the undergoing development of robots, cyborgs, teleportation, weapon warp-in technology, and possibly much more. The UEF Intelligence Agency finds out about this plans.
BIO INT. The other scientific/military organization also organized a project to create the big space station. However, the UEF Intelligence Agency finds out about something wrong as the UEFIA has noticed strange paranormal activity.
Template:FlagPromLabs Prometheus Labs, Inc. The Prometheus Labs, Inc. has organized a project unknown to the other factions.


United Earth FederationEdit