Got sent to upper Canada in order to research a recent anomalous event that had taken place over a large area within the country. The main reason as to why they assigned me was because Site-66 was to be taking in any notable objects, photographs, or organisms that we might have came across. At 0500 hours, I prepared for the trip and met at the Site garage where a small convoy of armored vehicles awaited.

The trip took only about 5 hours, since Site-66 was already in the upper half of Canada to begin with. When we got there, the usual placements of a Foundation investigation were already placed down; portable fencing, tent hubs, radio scramblers and other things. We were lead out of the vehicle and taken into one of the tents where Senior doctor Jorge greeted us. After salutations, he informed us of the event taking place.

Apparently, an "outbreak" of some form in the general area caused the ground, plant life, buildings and living organisms within the range, even in the air, to transmute into being made of metallic materials of varying form and shape over the course of just under and hour roughly 17 hours prior to our arrival. We were told that the event had no point of origin and that luckily, none of the affected objects appeared to be contagious, deadly, or hostile, and that it was safe to research and examine the results of the event. After being let in on the situation, we got to work as we made our way to the affected space. This is what I've found so far.