Agent Thornsmith is a level 3 Foundation agent.


Prior to employment, Thornsmith worked as a private investigator in █████████, ███. Hired via Protocol Zulu, she is currently stationed at Site-███ as a level 3 agent.

Thornsmith is a voluntary member of Mobile Task Force "Starving Artists," a unit working to locate the creators of SCP-151.

Personal LogsEdit


"I ran into Jae at Site-'██ today. Turned out she was temporarily staying there, too. We caught up and Jae asked why I volunteered to join Starving Artists. See, I actually grew up in the area they found SCP-151, and I personally knew a couple people who saw the painting before it was contained.

Jae thought I joined to get revenge on the artists, but I'm just curious of its origin--not that I wouldn't like to meet them."